PSA: Drupal Dev Days and the Coronavirus

Drupal Developer Days is POSTPONED until further notice.

Thanks so much for your support so far in wanting to go to Drupal Dev Days in Ghent.

Due to the outbreak of  COVID-19 all over Europe and the resulting requests from government to cancel or postpone big events we are postponing the event until there is more clarity when Drupal Developer Days can happen. Even though the Belgian government doesn't forbid the event we think it is the right thing to do today. Creating a safe environment for our attendees and participants is our main concern, and this can no longer be guaranteed.

We are in contact with the HoGent, city of Gent and other instances to try and find a new date to reschedule to. As soon as that happens we will contact you again with the new dates. In the last couple days we literally were on the phone with all vendors trying to see what financial implications this has. Luckily we are still in time to either cancel or postpone the event.

What does this mean for your tickets if you already bought them? 

We need to make a balance right now regarding the costs but soon we hope to present you with a new date or the offer of a refund. Please do understand that this is all happening very fast and as an all-volunteer team we need to find the time to work through all these issues one by one. Please do send us an email with specific requests or questions if you have them. We will email all attendees as soon as there is more clarity.

We hope this is not a problem and that you will continue to be our supporting partners during these difficult times.

Thank you for understanding and stay safe out there.

The Drupal Developer Days organisers.


Is Drupal Dev Days still happening?

Yes. But not on the projected date. We are in contact with HoGent to see when we can reschedule our event. We hope to get a new date soon, but as you can imagine, recent events have a high impact on the whole calendar.

If I decide not to come to Drupal Dev Days, can I get a refund?

We are not issuing refunds at this time. We hope you will be able to make it on our rescheduled dates. If you have a concern, please reach out to one of the organizers.

Will I be turned away at the door?

The venue will be closed.

I have other questions

Please email us, we will do our best to answer everyone.