Mautic Developer Days 2022

Join us for the first Mautic Developer Days, running alongside Drupal Developer Days in Ghent, Belgium on 4-6th April (with the option to extend through to the 8th April for open contribution/sprints, if you can).

Mautic Developer Days is a great opportunity to learn from the Mautic core team and professional developers working with Mautic on a daily basis. It’s also a great way to contribute to Mautic, as we’ll be running several sprints where you can help to work on projects alongside the core team.


In the mornings we will have some time for scheduled talks aimed at developers, some opportunities for ‘core conversations’ on specific topics where technical decisions need to be made, and also some unconference opportunities where you can suggest things you’d like to talk about.

During the afternoon/evening, we will be running development sprints on a range of different projects including:

  • Symfony 5 support
  • Testing and reviewing pull requests
  • Working on the Mautic Marketplace
  • Improving automation of code reviews with PHPSTAN and Rector
  • Reviewing new features for 4.3

While the main emphasis is on developer-focused projects, there are always opportunities to contribute to Mautic in any of the teams if you are attending the event and would like to get involved:

  • Community Team
  • Education Team
  • Legal & Finance Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Product Team


Odisee Gent welcomes us in their facilities near the city center of Ghent.

Odisee Technologiecampus Gent
Gebroeders de Smetstraat 1,
9000 Gent

The venue can be reached easily by public transport, on foot, or by car.

The location is fully wheelchair-accessible.

Read more on the venue page.


We will likely be staying in the Novotel Gent Centrum hotel in Ghent city centre, but you are welcome to organise your own accommodation if you prefer.


Tickets are 90 euros if you book early, 115 if you book a bit later.

They are provided by Drupal Developer Days and they include access to all events happening in both the Mautic and Developer communities, plus all food during the event (including 
unlimited tea and coffee).

In the evenings we will probably go out for dinner in a local restaurant and/or join with other folks for organised social events.