A deep dive of the possibilities of layout builder for the site-builder & content editor

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50 min

We'll show how we've built the content editing experience which is available in the Open Source Drupal 9 Rocketship Distribution. See the pictures at https://www.drupal.org/project/dropsolid_rocketship.
This distribution uses all kinds of Layout Builder contributed modules such as: Layout Builder Asymmetric Translations, Layout Builder Extra Templates, Layout Builder Lock, Layout Builder Modal, Layout Builder Operation Link, Layout Builder Restrictions & Layout Builder Restrictions by role and more.
All of these modules are combined together to create a wonderful but ambitious editing experience where paragraphs are no longer needed to support complex use cases while maintaining a certain control over the look and feel. This power of paragraphs is kept, but not using it simplifies quite a lot from an entity point of view.
We'll explain how we came to this mix of modules, the challenges we had and have and how we tweaked the interface to what it is now.
Next to that we'll explain where we still want to go and how you can use this distribution for your clients and address the ever growing need for more "WYSIWYG" demand while keeping structure in the content to power ambitious & future proof digital ecosystems.

Session video: