Deploy your content with Entity Share

Session track
Code & Development
Experience level
50 min

Topic introduction

Content deployment is a recurring subject for Drupal projects. For either the case of multiple websites sharing content or the case of sharing content from a production website to a pre-production environment (and vice versa) and all the workflows in between.

There is a plethora of solutions:

  • full custom per project
  • core webservices
  • contributed modules (deploy, etc.)
  • migrate
  • SaaS solution
  • ...

The session

During this session, I will present the Entity Share module developed at Smile to answer this problematic:

  • introduction of the problematic
  • how we ended up creating the Entity Share module
  • presentation of the module
  • demonstration
  • Q&A

Everyone is welcome. Audience level is "intermediate" because even if there won't be code presentation, having at least some experience with Drupal and having encounter the problem of content deployment will help you benefit more of the session.

There will be the Q&A for advanced topic and off-session discussion if necessary.

Previous presentations

I presented the module at the French Drupalcamp Lannion in 2017:

I proposed a BoF session at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019 ( to have a discussion about the different solutions and I ended up presenting the Entity Share module (and almost not having a discussion...) to a full room, so I guessed that the subject interested people.

The slides of the BoF (English) can be found in this article (French).

Session video: