Keynote: Bram Duvigneau - Drupal, the accessible CMS for accessible websites

Bram Duvigneau
Roel Van Gils
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User experience
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50 min

The Drupal community is committed to making sure that Drupal is the most accessible framework for building websites that can be used by anyone, including people with disabilities.

Drupal offers a range of built-in tools and third-party modules that help you create accessible websites. But did you know that it also facilitates an accessible content editing experience out of the box that you can build on? 

In this talk, we’ll answer two questions:

1. How can we make sure that content editors have all the tools at their disposal to create and manage accessible content?
2. We’ll also look at strategies and examples to set up a complex Drupal back-end so that content editors with a disability can manage a website with ease.

About the speakers

Bram Duvigneau

Bram is a Digital Accessibility consultant and researcher. Before that, he was a back-end developer, sneaking accessibility fixes in the frontend code of the projects he worked on. His advice is based on both WCAG and his experience as a blind user and developer.

Bram is the co-founder of Firm Ground, a digital accessibility agency in The Netherlands.

Roel Van Gils

Roel started working as a web developer at the dawn of the millennium, and quickly transitioned from designing table-based websites to living the Blue Beanie Life (bonus points if you get that reference). Today, Roel is an IAAP recognised consultant and trainer. In this role, Roel works with European institutions, tech startups and public sector bodies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Roel is co-owner at Eleven Ways, a Ghent based agency that helps organisations reach their digital accessibility goals — from strategy to WCAG compliance.




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