Leveraging the power of GitLab CI and DDEV to manage hundreds of sites

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50 min

At 1xINTERNET, we manage hundreds of drupal sites, some of them in them in Drupal 7, others in Drupal 8 (and a multisite in Drupal 6 that we don't talk about).

To manage all these sites, and allow our developers to just start working on their tickets, while allowing our project management to efficiently perform QA activities, we have built a set of tools based on community best-practices that reduced the effort necessary to deploy our sites to our servers, or in some cases to client servers.

The tools we use include

  • GitLab CI
  • DDEV
  • backstopJS
  • drush
  • DRD
  • etc.

In this talk I will present the tools that we have open-sourced at https://gitlab.com/1xinternet/gitlab-ci-common/ and https://gitlab.com/1xinternet/drupal-vr-testing-backstopjs that allow us to efficiently deploy a site and perform regression testing with minimum effort from the part of the project developers. Because the tools are public, we won't focus on the tools themselves, but on the process of using them, and how any Drupal project can leverage them to achieve the same productivity gains that we have. 

These are tools that highly configurable, and which we keep evolving, that we want to share with the community to make them more robust, and so that we can gain from the experience of others. If you're interested in learning about them and how to collaborate with us, please attend this session.

Session video: