Drush for Dummies

Session track
Code & Development
Experience level
50 min

Introduction to Drush

Are you tired of navigating through Drupal's admin interface to get things done? Want to speed up development or just look incredibly cool while typing away at the terminal? Time to stop clicking and start typing: learn how to leverage Drush to build and maintain your Drupal sites.

In this session, we'll cover the basics of Drush:

  • what is it (spoiler: a command-line interface for Drupal);
  • where did it come from (history lessons, yay!);
  • how can Drush help with coding, building, maintaining, ...;
  • write your own commands.

9 out of 10 Drupalists recommended using Drush at least twice a day, and studies(*) show that basic knowledge of Drush improves your chances of getting a promotion by 17%!

(*) ChatGPT et al., "Why should I learn Drush?", 21 Feb 2024.