DrupalCamp Belgium
is coming back to Ghent on May 10-11 2024

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Every year Drupal enthusiasts gather together to talk, develop, socialise.
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Drupalcamp Ghent 2024


DrupalCamp Ghent '24 has concluded, and we had a blast!
Thanks again to all sponsors, speakers and volunteers to make it happen.
And thank you to all visitors. We hope you had fun too.


All pictures are available on Flickr. Credits to Joris and Bram for taking them!


Drupalcamp is an annual gathering of people loving, learning and discussing the open-source content management system, Drupal. Sessions cover topics such as integrations, AI experiments, Frontend Frameworks, deep Drupal 10 knowledge, business use-cases, job-seekers, contributions and more!


DrupalCamp will happen on May 10-11 2024 in Ghent at the Odisee Technology Campus


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Ben Caudron

Ben Caudron

Ben Caudron is a professor and head of program at the Erasmus University College Brussels. As a sociologist Ben studies the complex relation between technology and society and he regularly writes columns and essays on this topic.

Dr. Philippe De Ryck sitting on concrete stairs and smiling

Dr. Philippe De Ryck

Dr. Philippe De Ryck travels the world to train developers on web security and security engineering. World-leading tech companies, financial institutions, and healthcare companies rely on Philippe to keep their developers up-to-date with the latest security best practices.

Jutta Horstmann

Jutta Horstmann

Entrepreneur, founder, leader, sparring partner and mentor - scaling organizations, driving change, nurturing culture. Feminist sustainability and free software advocate. Jutta has also been a very early Drupal user (17 years!)

25 years of experience in the IT sector: After holding various engineering roles, Jutta founded her own software development & consulting company, Data in Transit in 2006 and grew it successfully over a decade.
Later, 5 years at eyeo saw her in various roles, including COO, CTO and Managing Director. She led the company until the end of 2022, scaling it from 100 to 250 employees.

Dr. Merlijn Sebrechts

Dr. Merlijn Sebrechts

Dr. Merlijn Sebrechts is a senior researcher at imec and teaches at Ghent University. He develops deployment platforms and helps companies streamline how they deliver software in the cloud and on devices. He teaches topics such as Systems Design, Open Source ecosystems, and Computer Security. Merlijn has extensive experience building open source communities and is currently serving on the Ubuntu Community Council. He's also worked on a number of open source projects and is currently standardizing WebAssembly System Interfaces for IoT devices together with the W3C and the Bytecode Alliance.

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