Available tracks

This is an overview of the tracks for DrupalCamp 2024.

  • Accessibility, Frontend & UX Design

    Building a website or web application, with Drupal or with another technology, it is usually not complete without a beautiful and usable design. This track is for everyone who wants to learn or improve how to make things not just pretty, but also usable with new, exciting or reliable technologies.

  • Business & Strategy

    Without Strategy or Business, most of us would be out of a job, this track is a space where we can discuss how to sell and market Drupal. It also includes talks about how to run a digital agency and how to include contribution into that work.

    *This track is not for marketing talks that focus solely on a specific company

  • Code & Development

    Code & Development is the track to talk about coding in Drupal. Sessions here focus about the present of Drupal, how you can leverage the huge API surface of the ecosystem to create engaging platforms that help your customers succeed.

  • Core Conversations

    Core Conversations are a place for people actively working on and contributing to Drupal to meet, discuss and plan the future.
    Where regular tracks and sessions focus on the present and immediate future, Core Conversations are about long-term. They are not only about presenting ideas and plans but also about putting questions forward and finding answers to open questions.

  • DevOps

    DevOps operates at the intersection of development and operations. The DevOps culture is all about automating repetitive tasks, streamlining the development process and speeding up feedback loops, resulting in higher quality code and, ultimately, better products.

  • Digital Transformation + Enterprise

    Drupal sites these days are no longer simple isolated pieces of content-storage. They are connected with API’s, CRM’s, ERP’s and many more different kinds of external systems. This makes development more difficult and challenging, but fear not, the sessions in this track will help you how to manage these challenges. Ensure that your next integration will be a success by listening to the sessions here.

  • Drupal Community + Being Human

    This track includes talks about the human and community aspects of the Drupal as well as the overall Open Source world.  Learn about how to be happy and healthy at work, how to be a productive team and community member, how the community and project support each other, how you can contribute to the Drupal project no matter your expertise, and more. This track is also for everyone wanting to hear stories about how Drupal helped make dreams come true.

  • E-Commerce

    Merchants will understand how to start and grow their online businesses. Developers will learn how to build ambitious E-Commerce sites. Learn about solution providers who improve the whole process via integrations - all with Drupal.

  • Government

    Trends and innovations as well as all aspects of the current developments and challenges within the government space. In an exciting mix of case-studies and thematic sessions, burning topics will be discussed.

  • Higher Education

    Drupal is a popular choice in higher education, and is being used in creative and inventive ways. With Drupal 8+, the opportunities for exploration and experimentation expand even further. If you have experience of delivering Drupal solutions in the higher education sector or are looking for inspiration on how you continue to develop your CMS further, this is the right track for you.

  • Javascript and Single Page Applications

    Discover the future of the JavaScript development ecosystem, including JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue, Angular, Next, Nuxt, Web Components and others.

  • PHP

    The best Drupal developers are also great PHP developers. The PHP track focuses on PHP skills and tools to make your life as a Drupal developer easier than ever.

  • Project Management

    The project management track is about helping each other to better set expectations, estimate, facilitate, review, report on, and strategically plan your projects and portfolios.

  • Publishing + Media

    Bringing publishing and media people together, to share interests and ideas, to listen and learn, to discuss challenges and develop solutions, in the collaborative environment that Drupal has to offer.

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

    The QA & Testing track is for everyone who wants to know how to improve the reliability of the projects they work on, the software they sell or the open source software that is the building block of all of it. This track is about helping you be a better developer by leveraging existing tools to improve the final product we deliver.

  • Sitebuilding

    The Site Building track is about letting Drupal do the hard work without needing to write code. By assembling the right modules and configurations we can create rich and complex features, without worrying about reinventing the wheel and write complex logic and code.