New module: Elasticsearch - Search API

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Code & Development
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30 min


jOpdebeeck en robindh with support from Drupalteam at VDAB (the Flemish public employment service) and Cegeka

This module is based on an earlier version built by Cegeka. At VDAB we have to work with elastic and we have several sites that all need different search configuration.

  • the public website needs to be easy to use and to read, with rich search suggestions written by the editors.
  • the extranet needs to show content by user role and must not show forbidden files.
  • the intranet has >10.000 pages and files (word, pdf, excell ...) so a good search with a lot of filter options is a minimum, but actually there are several search pages with different settings depending on context.

And now we are working to give this site-building power to everybody


This module provides a way to easily create elasticsearch based search pages. Depends on search_api and elasticsearch_connector to index content.


  • Ajax powered faceted search
  • Pagination
  • Synonyms
  • Auto completion
  • Search suggestions


  • finishing documentation
  • security scan

Session video: