Building Google like search experiences without busting the bank

Session track
Code & Development
Experience level
30 min

The problem

Site visitors expect to find the information they are looking for within seconds. Besides a good information architecture, and top tasks, it is important that the search experience is built in such a way that site visitors expect. 

They have become used to a google like search experience, a traditional keyword-based search doesn’t cut the deal anymore. 

People don’t simply search for information; they are looking for an answer for their problem. We must switch to a problem-based search instead of keyword based.

The desired outcome

Google. Really, this is what you should strive for. 

The proposed resolution

Building a technological answer to the problem can be hard and expensive. It might not be worth the investment for everyone. 

This sessions talks about how the google search experience is structured, and about smart ways to get similar behaviour whilst taking a more budget friendly approach.

The takeaways

You will leave the sessions with new insights on how to structure your search results

Session video: