Next Js with Storybook and Drupal

Session track
Frontend & Design
Experience level
30 min

In this session we will be cover the following aspects. 

1) Introduction of Next Js on a wider scale.
   - Here we will talk about how Next Js is growing to be a focal point among the developers and how we can leverage Next Js with our applications.

2) Ways of integrating Next Js with Drupal.
  - While learning about Next Js we should surely know various options available to marry our Drupal CMS with Next Js to showcase our data.

3) Usage of storybook and why not to use the traditional method ?
  - Storybook has been a buzz since few years but have we really thought why not to go ahead with traditional way of theming in Drupal and why are we actually leveraging Storybook in Drupal ?

4) Ways to integrate Storybook with Next Js.
  - Now that we understood two powerful tools, let's see how we can combine the two of them to have our application better performed in much optimised and systematic manner.